Let Them Eat Snails: Nissan S-Cargo!

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We make no secret of our love of weirdo, diminutive JDM vehicles. Especially rad are the strange one-off, short-production models of which the Nissan S-Cargo is one. Only 12,000 units were produced during its five-year run. Powered by a 1.4L, 72-horse dynamo, the thing just reeks of fanciful Japanese geekery. We're not sure if we want an S-Cargo, but we'd totally take one for a spin. Or out for some snail bait.

Nissan S-Cargo Van Club

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Nissan did a few of those. The S-cargo is interesting, I guess, but it doesn't have a fraction of the charm of the Pao, Be-1, or Figaro.




Now those were cool cars.

And if you like tall, bug-eyed Japanese cars, nothing tops the Mitsubishi Toppo Town Bee.


A couple hundred more pics of various Japanese and Korean vehicles at http://finnesey.org (yes, it's mine)