Illustration for article titled Let Ralph Gilles Help You Point Out Whats Full Of Shit

Earlier this week, we were treated to the man who designed the Viper reminding everyone that the talking sack of offal with the dead ferret on his head we call "Donald Trump" was full of shit. Especially about his fiction-land ideas of Jeep production and China.


To anything with an IQ above that of drywall, this wasn't exactly a shock, but it's great to see someone actually in the auto industry so boldly and simply call out that microphallused blowhard.

In fact, we were so taken by Mr. Gilles' shit-content-level identification skills, we decided to provide this handy transparent PNG of him identifying shit-filling so you can apply it to all those images that need their full-of-shit statuses identified.


We even have a Tumblr reserved just for these handy public-service images right here.

Have at it!

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