When most people hear the term "endurance racing," they think of races like Le Mans, or Daytona, or that time the Road Madness began to creep up on Jason. They don't think about races like the Baja 1000 – but endurance is exactly what that takes. So let Ford explain the differences and similarities of both.

It starts off as a bit of a pissing contest between the two types of racing, but then it really doesn't matter. One of those super off-roading beasts that Ford dares to call a "truck" has 800 horsepower, 720 pound-feet of torque, and a three-speed transmission. Meanwhile, the crazy-agile Daytona Prototype makes do with a measly 600-horse twin turbo V6, but can go so fast around a corner it'll make your eyeballs spin.


But then again, that truck could probably jump the Grand Canyon with no problem.

And in both it can easily get to over 100 degrees in the sweltering cockpit.

If someone offered me to drive either one, though, I wouldn't really care. A couple hours in either sounds just fine by me.

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