Let Ferrari's Crew Show You The Meaning Of Pain And Agony

Pit stops can make or break you in Formula One, and for Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, a faulty wheel gun caused him to lose his position to Williams’ Felipe Massa. This is how Sebastian Vettel lost his podium finish.

Vettel lost a good ten seconds to this one wheel, and it isn’t the first time Ferrari’s had issues with wheel guns this year, either. Can we send Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene to, ahem, have a word with whoever supplies their wheel guns*? Or perhaps he knows a guy...


Vettel versus Massa became one of the duels of the race, with Vettel hanging right off Massa’s tail for the last few laps. Although less than a second separated them at the end, Vettel ultimately couldn’t pull off the pass. Massa scored his first podium of the year with his third-place finish.

[*According to Fil, Ferrari develops their own wheel guns in-house. I’d imagine someone may get a talkin’-to.]


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BTW: Ferrari use their own guns developed in house, while Dino Paoli air guns, which are manufactured in Italy, are used by just about everyone else. Hey, you got a problem wid dat?