LeMons Veteran SE-R Triumphs In NASA Performance Touring Race At Infineon

Remember the SE-R that we saw at the Arse Freeze-A-Palooza '07 race, the one that placed 5th? Krider Racing (who won the LeMons SF '08 race, got their Chrysler Cordoba into the California State Demolition Derby Championship, and apparently plan to take on every form of racing the planet has to offer) spent a few more bucks on their SE-R and took it to the NASA Performance Touring race at Infineon. Make the jump for the whole batch of photos and the official Krider press release.

Krider Racing took their LeMons Thunderhill veteran SE-R, added a few more safety items, spent a lot more than $500 and convinced an official to issue the car a racing log book. Then they took the car racing in NASA’s Performance Touring series. How does an ex-LeMons car fare? Pretty darn well, it turns out. In 2008, Krider Racing won four Performance Touring F races at Infineon while racing alongside the United States Touring Car Championship cars. “When we told the rest of the drivers in our class that they had just been beaten by a LeMons car, the look on their face was priceless,” said Rob Krider. “But remember boys and girls, the important lesson here is this: you can take a LeMons car and make it a real racecar, but don’t be foolish enough to think you can take a real racecar to LeMons. That will only get you a date with the dozer. Just ask Team Salazar Racing or Team Fantasy Junction. Our SE-R will never run LeMons again, we spent way to much money on it after Thunderhill. I don’t want to see that thing under a tractor.”


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