The closest finish in 24 Hours of LeMons history ended on the last lap with one pizza undelivered and a yellow aerodynamic brick winning the race. Here's the punk rock video remix.

Krider Racing, the Big Sausage Pizza Delivery themed LeMons and ChumpCar race team (best known for the race they lost, less than for the races they've won), put together a one minute nineteen second compilation video. The production quality indicates none of these guys are Michael Bay but their choice in music is interesting. The song that paints over the video is called "Pizza Man" by Southern California punk band D.F.L. –the acronym for Dead F#@!ing Last (which seems quite fitting for the rollover highlight). The bassist for D.F.L. on this track is none other than Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz.

Okay boys and girls don't use the foul language you hear in the punk rock music.


Remember when these advisory stickers came out. It made kids want to buy the records.