Yes, yes, we still love cars. And while we don't personally subscribe to the notion that 2 wheels are better than 4, some motorcycles are pretty sweet. In fact, some might say legendary. So writes good friend of Jalopnik Basem Wasef in his new book Legendary Motorcycles. In it he tracks down historically significant bikes ridden by the likes of Elvis, James Dean, Peter Fonda and of course, Steve McQueen. Here's part of the email Basem sent us:

This is easily the most epic creative task I've undertaken; my wife and I traveled cross-country twice to shoot bikes and interview owners, and the process was thrilling, daunting, and ultimately incredibly rewarding. Jay Leno was cool enough to write the foreword.

Hey, if it's good enough for Jay... And so you all know, Mr. Wasef has a very sweet 1983 Porsche 911 SC that he was kind enough to let us fling around Malibu, pre-firestorm apocalypse. So yeah, he loves cars, too. More info: