Left Foot Confuse: Porsche's Assistance Features Confound Two-Foot Drivers

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Porsche Cayenne buyers who drive with two feet are in for trouble. Putting aside the simple truth that those who drive automatic-transmission cars with two feet are total trogs (sorry, mom), Cayennes are finding themselves back at the dealership, banished by buyers who refuse to be told what to do. Here's the thing: If the Cayenne's systems detect braking and throttling at the same time, it throttles back the engine. Some drivers note the system throttles back at the slightest break application, which creates annoying stop-and-start shuddering. One researcher surmises the company programmed the system to prevent the media nightmare that plagued Audi when it was cited in cases of accidental acceleration. We're not sure about that, but it does indicate that tensions between humans and the cars sworn to protect them are bound to cause conflict down the road.

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