When you race a McLaren P1 against a LaFerrari and a Porsche 918 all the way up to 186 mph, lots of interesting things happen. And here’s all the data.

While this shootout is as close as it gets to a fair comparison between the hypercar trio, there will always be some differences in their setup we have to take into account.

In this case, the P1 is running on its optional Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, while the LaFerrari has regular P Zero Corsas. In the blue corner, the 918 Spyder packs what all fast Porsches burn: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s. There’s a huge difference between how these three maximize their straight line performance as well, even in auto mode. The 918 needs to be in race-hybrid mode with the hot lap button engaged. The LaFerrari is fastest in race mode of course, while the P1 also turns the sharpest in track mode, with the rear wing manually lowered to reduce drag.

It’s a given that the 918 Spyder will always be the quickest off the line despite its weight disadvantage thanks to its all-wheel drive traction, but the story is very different as the three get closer to 200 miles per hour.

With the LaFerrari being lighter and more powerful than the P1, I guess Woking just fooled the laws of physics once again. As for the 918, well, this’s ain’t too shabby for a comfortable road car.


Photo credit: SCD TV


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