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Le Mans' Most Troubled Ford GT Skids Into A Tire Wall

Screencap via Fox Sports 2
Screencap via Fox Sports 2

The poor No. 67 Ford Chip Ganassi Racing UK GT has been the problem child out of the four works Fords entered in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. After starting the race two laps down due to a gearbox issue, driver Marino Franchitti locked up his brakes into a gravel trap and into a tire wall at Mulsanne Corner.

Franchitti and his codrivers have been trying to claw their way back up from the back of the LM GTE Pro class after their earlier bad luck, but they remain at the bottom of the standings, only ahead of the wrecked No. 89 LM GTE Am Porsche.


Fortunately, Franchitti had slowed the car considerably such that the impact with the barrier was relatively slow. This appears to have merely been a mistake on Franchitti’s part. However, it’s just one more snafu for the stricken No. 67.


Repairs to the car didn’t take long, as the car has already returned to the track with Andy Priaulx behind the wheel.

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it just wants to join in with hitting pedestrians like his mustang brothers.