Front-Running Porsche 919 Stuck Fixing Apparent Electrical Issue At Le Mans

Screencap via FIA WEC live stream
Screencap via FIA WEC live stream

The No. 1 Porsche 919 that was contending for the lead earlier has now been wheeled into the garage with some kind of electrical issue. The floor is off, and now, it’s all up to the No. 2 919 to battle for the lead.

The No. 1 isn’t the only top-class LMP1-H car suffering issues today. The No. 7 Audi R18 that lost time to a turbocharger swap earlier has also been wheeled into the garage again.

Porsche isn’t the only front-runner with issues as it goes dark at Le Mans, either. The No. 98 Aston Martin V8 Vantage LM GTE Am contender went off at the Porsche Curves, and the No. 36 Signatech Alpine LMP2 finally got in first position and then had to retire to the garage.


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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

Currently Toyota 1-2 until the next pit cycle. I’ll be honest, I’m a Porsche fan through and through, but I would shed to tears if Toyota finally made it stick.