What Car Should Never Have Been Sold In The US?

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This is sort of a hard one to write, because normally, I miss the freewheeling days before 1967 where you could get anything. You'd open up an Esquire and order an NSU Prinz right out of the back. But even so, there's some cars that really should have just stayed home.


AMC was pretty bold/desperate in the early 80s, bringing over French cars, of all things. And with the LeCar, they had a model that was very popular in Europe (the R5) but was maybe just a little too weird for American tastes. So the next one they brought was the Renault 9, which they then "Americanized" into the Renault/AMC Alliance.

"Americanized" sounds like it would be a fun process of intense cheeseburger-eating and theme-park-visiting, but the end result was they managed to make the car boring. Think about that. There's plenty of faults with French cars of the era, but making a French car boring is a really special achievement. Of course, it failed, though after a lot of critical praise.

So, that Renault 9 was probably better left at home. What car do you think should have just slept in and skipped that voyage to America?


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