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Laughing Car Thief Steals Bait Car, Stops Laughing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Houston Police Department has assembled a fleet of bait cars in the hope of capturing car thieves. At the very least, they've captured some hilarious video of robbers becoming victims of their own hubris.

The addition of audio recording makes these videos all the more enjoyable. There's the first individual, unable to stop laughing about how easy it was to steal the car... until he realizes why. Another individual calls a friend to brag about his good luck. Our favorite has to be the pair at the end with their promises of a police chase and "not going back to jail." Oh, and she claims to be pregnant. Classy!


Everyone seems to be smoking in this videos, which makes believe no one here is capable of making long-term decisions about their well-being. According to the police, they're a perfect 52-52 in arrests and convictions because it's hard to mount a defense when they have you on video calling someone to brag about stealing a car from inside a stolen car. Enjoy the video below.


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