Latest Dutch Craze: Tossing Smart ForTwos Into A Canal

Thought you and your friends in high school were funny when you turned old Mr. Johnson's Beetle sideways in its spot? Well brother, you have nothing on the hooligans tossing defenseless parked Smart ForTwos into Amsterdam's canals.


Apparently there's a disturbing trend cropping up in Amsterdam wherein the local youths, no-doubt lubricated with chemicals known for bold destructiveness, have begun tossing Smart ForTwos into the city's canals under the cover of night. You see, it's only a coincidence, but ForTwos just happen to be short enough they can park nose to tail on the sidewalk bordering canals. There's normally a low gaurdrail in place to prevent cars from taking a drink, but lifting a car like the Smart over such a rail is child's play when in large groups. The local authorities are downplaying the trend for fear of copy-cats, as you can see, it's making the rounds. [DutchAmsterdam]

Photo Credit: Tinou Bao]

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