Last of the Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replicas

There's a man in England named Adrian Bennett. He is going to move to Australia with his family and his car. Why? Because he is going to convert his replica Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor from Mad Max status to the way the supercharged beauty looked in The Road Warrior. Why? So he can drive it near Robin Hill, which is where they filmed the second film. Can you say mumbo? Yeah, we're smitten. More like Mr. Bennett, please.


The Hulk's Ride, Pre-Smash: Eric Bana's Aussie Ford Falcon [Internal]

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So if there are any divorce lawyers reading this his wife might be giving you a call.

Also: Is his hairdryer an actual working model, or just a mockup? I've read many articles on Mad Max copy cars and most of them use battery driven blowers, I'd imagine 600bHp ad the rear on slushy roads would be pretty fucking retarded.