Las Vegas Cabbie Finds $221,000 In His Taxi And Returns It

A cab driver in Las Vegas discovered a laptop bag in the back of his cab at the end of his shift. No big deal. But then he opened it and got the shock of his life.

There was $221,000 inside. And he turned it in.

Adam Woldemarim, a 42 year old Ethiopian immigrant who works 12 hours a day and takes home $350 each week, found the bag in the back of his van at the end of a shift last month.


Instead of keeping it for himself and running off into the night, he decided to turn it into the security office at his cab company. A short time later, a man claimed the briefcase.

Apparently he won the money at the Wynn casino and forgot the bag in the cab at the airport. How do you forget something like $221,000? Well, we don't know that.

The man gave Woldemarim a one percent tip of $2,000 and went on his way. For his part, Woldemarim didn't complain about the small percentage of tip. He was happy to get it. Although, if it's normal practice to get $20 for a cabbie returning a cell phone, we tend to think that this cabbie may have deserved a little more than $2,000.


But this just goes to show that there are some good, honest cabbies out there... even in Sin City.

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