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Happy weekending, folks. Have fun. Enjoy your cars. Don’t go street racing. Don’t go near street racing, actually, because even if you don’t get wrecked or run over you can still get arrested just for hanging out.


Last week the street_racer_task_force Instagram account, which an LAPD traffic officer once told me is in fact maintained by actual police, posted this album of cars getting towed to impound from a recent street racing incident. They do that on the reg, actually. This time, detainees included a van and its attached taco stand which, if I had to guess, were probably not throwing down for pink slips between stop lights.

Commenters were universally pissed, responding with various versions of “let the taco man hustle.” I’m not a fan of this IG account’s annoyingly antagonistic tone in general, but I’ll admit that the taco truck towing has me feeling a little conflicted.

On one hand, yeah, let the taco man hustle. Running a mobile fast food business can’t be easy and a capitalist couldn’t fault them for trying to sling tacos where people were gathering.

On the other hand, the closer street races come to resembling Fast & Furious interludes, the worse. No good will come from impromptu street festivals happening next to cars driving as fast as they can, close together. Which, by selling tacos there, the taco man was contributing to.


So with that in mind, I guess you have to shut down even the taco truck if you’re going to be serious about a zero-tolerance policy on street racing. And really, cops shouldn’t have any tolerance for this shit. The stakes are so high and the payoff is so low. Just don’t do it, fam.

Based purely on what we can see in this Instagram post, I wish the police had let the taco truck off with a stern talking-to. But maybe they’ve been through that before.


Stay safe out there.

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