LAPD Stops Unlicensed Driver Vehicle Impounds

Illustration for article titled LAPD Stops Unlicensed Driver Vehicle Impounds

The LA Times reports that the Los Angeles Police Department has imposed a moratorium on impounding the motor vehicles of unlicensed drivers. Citing a pending Oregon case, City Councilman Jose Huizar was concerned the practice of impounding vehicles may be unconstitutional, and pressed the LAPD to examine their former policy. Exceptions to the new policy enter the vague area of some circumstances. Those nabbed driving license-free will be cited, but the vehicle will only be impounded if it cannot be driven away by a licensed driver - or parked legally and secured. [Unlicensed Driving Bonanza via the]



If they aren't going to impound the cars, whats the point of even citing them in the first place. Do they actually believe the illegal immigrant isn't going to drive anymore?

The problem isn't the cars, its the people. Something tells me Jose Huizar is only concerned about the constitution when it benefits the hispanic community.