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Artist Nino Mustica and Land Rover's Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern got together to mold "the essence" of the 2015 Discovery Sport into two giant abstract sculptures now standing sentinel on the River Thames. What do you think?

The installation, called "Unstoppable Spirt," was built in Turin, Italy and transported to Southbank Center's iconic Royal Festival Hall. The features measure more than 23'x20'x20' and represent some 8,000 labor hours of effort.

The design was completed in Land Rover's "virtual reality cave" normally used to mock up prototype vehicles.


Mustica is a celebrated multimedia painter in Italy, and McGovern's "Creative Officer" title isn't superficial– he was recently appointed as a visiting professor at the Royal College of Art.

"Unstoppable Spirit is about the fusion between automotive design and contemporary art," said Mustica. Indeed; and it may well be the first abstract sculpture to include a partial representation of a car.


So do you like it? And what the hell should/will Land Rover do with it when the city forces them to take it down on October 19th?

Images: Land Rover