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I'm shocked, I say shocked that spy photos of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport's interior reveal nothing like the Star Trek-style touchscreen we were dazzled with at the concept's New York debut. But hey, it's got a stick shift!


AutoExpress peeped a Discovery Sport test mule in England, which pretty much looks like a regular-ass SUV in the cockpit which you can check out on their site. Could be an elaborate ruse to wow us even harder when more details come out on Land Rover's new softroader, but I doubt it.

The Brits at AE are speculating that proper gearshift will see production though. They think "Land Rover will seek to offer an entry-level Discovery Sport fitted with a manual and front-wheel drive, aimed at snaring buyers from the lower end of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 range." Manual-shift small luxury SUVs? England must be one hell of a place.


Image: Land Rover

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