Land Rover Defender Survives 22,000 Mile Really, Really Cold Trip

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British adventurer Felicity Aston and her team have successfully punted a Land Rover Defender 110 some a 22,000 miles from England to Yakutia, Russia and back for the aptly-named 'Pole Of The Cold' Expedition.

The lucky bastards who got to take this epic adventure won the funding through an annual bursary Land Rover awards in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society-IBG to "those who want to take a journey that offers exceptional challenges for the team, and for which a Land Rover Defender with its expert capabilities is an integral part of the expedition."


Land Rover turns me down every year, apparently taking a Defender from New York to Costa Rica to fill it with sloths isn't a cool enough pitch.

The Defender had upgraded suspension, skid plates, auxiliary heaters for both the engine and its occupants, a long range fuel tank, a light bar, and of course a giant roof rack; the most important element to any Land Rover expedition.

The truck and its occupants got down to -74.2ºF in the Russian village of Tomtor, spending almost a month -58ºF.

The Pole Of The Cold Expedition Team froze their assess off to "explore the social, cultural and physical implications of inhabiting some of the coldest places on earth, and the team met an amazing variety of characters and communities along the way."


"Human beings are naturally resilient and will adapt in amazing ways to the most demanding of climates. Over the past 3 months we've travelled more than 35,000km chasing winter across Scandinavia and Siberia. Along the way we have crossed the Arctic Circle, reached the most northerly point of the European continent, and taken the Defender into temperatures as low as -59C. It has been an incredible opportunity to explore lives lived in the cold and the geography of winter," said Aston.

Image: Land Rover

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