As part of an amazing trip from the UK to Alaska, a British farmer crossed the 56-mile-wide Bering Strait in his Land Rover. The 2007 Defender 110 was the latest vehicle in a development process that began back in 2004. Two giant flotation devices were fitted to each side of the SUV, which had been stripped down to the bare essentials to decrease weight. In a design similar to Richard Hammond's amphibious Van, a propeller was attached to the Land Rover's drivetrain to push the vehicle through the water. So how long did the voyage take? The 10,379-mile trip from the UK to Alaska lasted an exhausting 50 days, with Steve Burgess and Dan Evans making the final voyage across the strait in 18 hours and 50 minutes. Why so long? The two actually had to take cover from the weather for quite a while on the island of Little Diomede partway through. Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson will bust out his Toyboata for a go at breaking the record. [CapeToCape via MotorAuthority]