The tale of Lamborghini's projected new SUV is long and sordid and fraught with Hollywood-grade rumor, conjecture and speculation. Our geek selves once described the saga as having more yesses and nos than a Centrino processor. The latest word came last November, when the UK's Car reported Lamborghini was indeed building a kind of successor to its last SUV outing — the batshit-mad LM002. Derived from the Audi A5/Porsche Cayenne, Car noted, it would be fitted with a V10, air suspension and — wait for it — a variation on Lambo's signature scissor doors. It would be called the LMX and, supposedly, would make the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S look like something from International Harvester. That brings us to a new set of spy shots, posted on Motor Authority. Speculators say this mechanical mashup, a Porsche Cayenne literally bursting at the seams, is actually a test mule for the Lambo SUV hardware. And eyewitnesses have seen it reach considerable speed on Germany's Nürburgring. Our only question is, will there be room for a turret?[Motor Authority]