Lamborghini Planning A LP550-2 Superlegerra?

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Lamborghini's been extremely forthright in their mission to release a new car yearly and with the LP550-2 Balboni making headlines earlier this month, it begs the question — will we see an LP550-2 Superleggera?

The Saint A'gata bull pictured above is not the LP550-2 SL, rather a Gallardo Superleggera fitted with the newer LP560-4 front bumper. Seeing this made us wonder if we'll get a light weight track star based on the current car. We could see Lamborghini offering this as a regular production model to replace the LP550-2 Balboni when all 250 of the limited edition cars are sold out, but what would change between the two models? Would its appearance be as striking as the recently revealed Murcielago LP670-4 SV with its massive wing or would it be a more subdued track rat?


Time will tell whether this will in fact happen, but the significant investment involved in producing a RWD system for a run of 250 cars doesn't seem like the greatest financial decision. We can only hope. Image Credit: Oskar Bakke viaTeamSpeed

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It's probably just me, but these new Lamborghinis just don't do anything for me. The original, awesome Lamborghinis such as the Miura, Countach, and Diablo were awesome spectacles of RWD sports car engineering that would just as happily kill their drivers as lap a track. They were also known to start only when it suited them, randomly quit when it suited them, and spontaneously combust at will.

Sure, they were dangerous cars. But that is what made them so cool and so interesting. It took a real man to so much as open the doors of these cars, let alone drive and master them. They were the Hemingway of sports cars. Pure, visceral, testosterone-filled exercises in existentialism.

And then they "refined" Lamborghini with the introduction of the Murcielago and Gallardo, and then VW went one step further in increasing production costs so that every wannabe Hollywood douche and Kim Kardashian could have one.

And now they release the Balboni (terrible name, btw), and potentially this, and market them as being sports cars that are "exclusive", "wild", and "dangerous"?

There is nothing especially exclusive about them. There may only be 250 of them to begin with, but that will change as soon as they start selling, at which point they will be built in even bigger volumes, to the detriment of those who initially bought them. "Wild" and "dangerous"? Sorry kids, but it takes more than a pretty face to dance and capture the imagination of pubescent boys.

What happened, Lamborghini?

You've turned into the Nordstroms of sports cars. You sell expensive stuff that you claim is wild (but isn't), and then have sale after sale, but only after you ridiculously jack up your prices, just as you release a car that is wild only compared to its much tamed contemporary brethren (but a total pushover compared to its illustrious predecessors).