Lamborghini Is Desperate To Prove To You That Its 830HP V12 Sounds Good

Gif: Lamborghini Squadra Corse

Lamborghini Squadra Corse is preparing to unleash a very expensive track-only hypercar, which is powered by an 830 horsepower V12 engine. You can’t see it yet, because Lamborghini is being intentionally vague in order to drum up interest in a car that it will surely sell out of within minutes of its launch. You can, however, listen to it while it makes a dyno pull without any of its bodywork on. Ooooh, how very voyeur.


This track-only special is interesting, because none of Lamborghini’s race cars use the Aventador’s V12. It’s also interesting in that Lamborghini managed to find an additional 71 horsepower over the highest-spec SVJ model, jumping from 759 horses for the street car to 830 for the track special.

From the video we can tell that the V12 does, indeed, sound good. We can also tell that the car depicted has center lock wheels and race-derived inboard suspension. What else can we tell? Not much. It’s over in a scant 18 seconds, and over 8 seconds are spent with a black screen.

Lamborghini has confirmed that it stuck with a 6.5-liter displacement for the new track car. The car will feature a “large wing” which apparently “differs from the regular road car range”. (Quick question; Are any of Lamborghini’s road cars “regular”?) There will be a large air scoop on the roof, perhaps somewhat like Audi’s R8 LMS GT2? Also joining that roof scoop is a pair of air intakes on the hood, perhaps like a Ford GT. The front subframe of the car will be crafted from aluminum, while the monocoque chassis will be carbon fiber.

Get your millions ready, billionaires. This ridiculously good-sounding Lamborghini is coming. 

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A neighbor had a Lamborghini Diablo VT Momo Red Edition. Most expensive car I has ever sat it. I was amazed at how he pitched it, “The previous owner put $10k stereo in it!”

Why do I, who drove a $300 CRX at the time, care about that? The rich don’t [have to] act rationally. This will sell out quickly...

PS. What do I have to do to get out of the greys?