Lamborghini Heels Give New Meaning To Term "Hot Shoe"

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Do you consider yourself a "hot shoe" driver? Well, now your female significant other can share the bragging rights with these renderings of some seriously "hot" Lamborghini-branded high heels.


Enterprising CGSociety member, Tim Cooper, created these ultra-fine (and likely ultra-lightweight) white and carbon fiber Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera high heels using a pair of his wife's heels and hundreds of Gallardo images from around the 'net. He modeled and rendered them in Modo and added the smoke and text in Photoshop for this mock advertisement. We urge you to not show your lady friends this image because at this point, the Lambo heels live strictly in Tim's 3D world which would surely disappoint her enough to make you go out and buy her a new pair of shoes for your mistake.

Check out the link below for the pic.

(images taken down at the request of the owner)
[cgsociety via carlounge]


Rob Emslie

Ha! Reminds me of Al Bundy's Shoe Lights, and I would not be adverse to seeing Christina Applegate rocking these.

BTW; my shoes smoke like that when I take them off, should I be changing my socks more frequently?