Lamborghini will be producing a new super car for the Geneva Motor Show, and this one appears to be a hybrid aimed at taking on offerings from Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Our former Editor-in-Chief Travis Okulski over at what has now been dubbed Road & Travis here at Jalopnik, cited Lamboโ€™s CEO Stephen Winkelmann as the source of confirmation on the new supercar, but claimed an additional source for reporting on its hybrid status.

Another source told us that the car is likely a hybrid, as it needs to be on the same wavelength as the LaFerrari and 918 Spyder. Price will be astronomical.

Winkelmann also told R&T that an additional two versions of the Huracan will be made, which Okulski thinks will be a roadster version and a rear-wheel drive version.

Whatever we end up with, well, pretty sure itโ€™s a Lambo, dude.

Image via Shutterstock.