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Lambo-Jogging T*** Busted by Bluetooth

We'd planned to tell the story of the UK guy busted for running over a parked Lamborghini. With his sneakers. The drink-sodden wanker dented the Lambo's roof causing something like 20,000 Britpounds in damage. Like many YouTube suspects, the guy's exploits and name were caught on video, but how he got caught is a matter for the geek Darwin awards, should such a thing exist. We'll let the Fast Lane Daily kids tell the story, considering they spent all day in the back of a Bentley Continental GTC, and have apparently ditched Oksana Baiul. [via Winding Road]


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Al Navarro

Wow, that's the first comments I've been able to get to work in like a week!

I don't mind the FLD, but "Derek D" is the worst of the presenters so far...I'll even take Oksana over him....