LaFerrari's Website Goes Up To Show The Hybrid Glory That Is LaFerrari

LaFerrari, you guys! It's crazy-looking! It's got 963 horsepower! It's a hybrid so your hippie friends will love it too! And now it's on the Internet, and I don't just mean Jalopnik. The car's official website,, is now up and running.

What can you do there? Configure your own personal LaFerrari so you can price out all the options you want? No. But you can learn all about the insane technology that's going into Ferrari's new halo car, check out a bunch of photos and videos, and perhaps best of all, listen to how it sounds when it's driven in anger. This ain't no Prius, baby.


If you guys see anything extremely interesting over there, feel free to point it out to us in the comments.

Hat tip to liam!

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