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This week at the LA Auto Show, Volkswagen will take the wraps off its Tiguan concept, showcasing the company's upcoming compact SUV of the same name (a mashup of tiger and iguana — don't ask). There's no sign of fear from the Honda CR-Vs and Toyota RAV4s of the world yet, but the V-dub entry will nonetheless encroach on their territory when the first production model rolls off the line to begin in late-2007. The junior Touareg will be based on the Rabbit's architecture (see the Golf Plus for clues and engine choices) and likely celebrate its coming-out at the Frankfurt show next fall. Expect a US launch in LA next year. [UPDATE: The concept is powered by VW's first Bluetec diesel from its new partnership with DaimlerChrysler. Check out last night's introduction ceremony at Winding Road.]

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