Two points of interest. One is the 1.8-liter diesel mill with a variable geometry turbocharger that together kick out 130 hp of jam with 206 ft-lb. of twisting power. The other is that it looks, well, super! We love the EVO front end with the gaped maw for the intercooler and the functional brake-cooling inlet ducts. Even though traditionally we are less than enthralled with trucklettes, we really dig the cut of the cX's jib. Like, lots. And then you got AWD and the DSG TC-SST tranny, we're thinking Mitsubishi really ought to build the Concept cX. Course, the last person who followed our advice woke up in Tijuana without any pants on. Still, we know more about cars than we do about [CENSORED]. Go for it Mitsubishi. While you're at it, how 'bout a new Starion? Anyway, happy 25-years in the US. You've come a long way since the Cordia.


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