LA Auto Show Broke: Drinking, Smoking and Sweating; The Jalopnik Way

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While nowhere near the triage conditions of the Paris Media Center, we still dislike press days at auto shows. Our ass hurts, the coffee's cold, we missed lunch, we missed the picture of the really fat journalist loading a plate of food while bitching about the quality and the pole-to-hole ratio is worse than you could possibly imagine. And another thing: where is all this video going? Why are there ten thousand men in lousy suits shooting so much footage of stationary objects? And why are they such jerks? Why does [CENSORED] from [Censored] smell so awfull? Ten million carmakers and not a single Camino concept? Why have we been up since 5:30 am? Why don't we just read about this on autoblog? What's that? The Audi booth is handing out highly precise mimosas? We love our job.


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