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While there was no sign of Ghosn, Nissan announced that sales are up, up, up! And while the SE-R and SE-R Spec V will only account for 15% of Sentra sales, they are no doubt the hotness Nissan desperately needs to fight Honda. The Spec-V's close-range, short throw shifter is even mounted in the dash Aoyama style. It also sports a g-meter gauge, which while fanciful, is exactly what the car needs. Hotter in our eyes was the Altima Coupe and its gun pockets!! If there is anything we love half as much as Caminos and Starions, it is an OEM spot to stow your Glock. Nisssan is pulling an Audi with this two-door, as it features a nicer interior than exterior. And we like the exterior.


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