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LA Auto Show: 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X in the US of A

Illustration for article titled LA Auto Show: 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X in the US of A

Man. 291 horsepower. 300 ft-lb of torque. Super all-wheel this, mega computer controlled that. Hardcore, shark-faced and we've known all about it for a while now. But here's what made us sit up cocker spaniel straight: While the top o' the range EVO MR comes with the flappy paddle DSG (TC-SST in Mitsubishi speak), the "lesser" GSR version has a standard 5-speed. And even though the premier video explained that the TC-SST in full auto mode, "Shifts as if wired directly to the driver's brain," we'll maintain that our right arm shifts in much the same manner. Actually, our left foot works like that, too.


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Al Navarro

If I knew the insurance wasn't going to be abusive (I checked the rates on an STi a few years ago), I'd seriously consider one of these. Mit paddles.

I don't hate DSG type trannies...very different than automanuals, in my experience (Audi DSG vs. Audi Tiptronic).