Kyle Kaiser, the Guy Who Bumped Fernando Alonso, Is the First to Crash in the Indy 500

Gif: NBC

Following his Cinderella story, last minute making qualifying by bumping Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso last Sunday, Juncos Racing’s Kyle Kaiser is the first racer to crash out of the Indy 500 today.


Coming out of the pits following his stop at lap 73, he got too hot and went high off of the racing line and spun. It looked like he might recover to get back on track, but the car then shot up into the wall and broke suspension bits.

Kaiser’s team barely pulled this effort together after losing sponsorship just weeks before the race. Kyle later crashed the team’s only car in practice for this race, but they managed to put together a deal for a backup car and just barely made the grid, qualifying 33rd.

Kaiser got out of his car with no apparent injuries, and has been released from the infield care center with a clean bill of health. 

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