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NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch did not have a good day at today’s Food City 500. He had not one, but three crashes on track at Bristol Motor Speedway, two of which were because of a right front tire going down. After the last one, he came into the pits for repairs and accidentally tapped a fan with his car. Oops.


Busch’s final smack into the wall was his hardest of the day, leaving him with a battered car that marked its territory with a path of oil.

Busch then drove his wounded car into the pits for repairs, but perhaps he came into the pedestrian-filled garage area with a little more speed than he should have. He ended up nudging a fan over with his car in the process.

Erin Van Dyke, the fan who fell in the video, later caught up with Fox Sports about the incident. She had stepped in front of the car to take a photo, but somehow missed the loud yellow thing coming in her direction.


Either way, Van Dyke said in a short video that she was fine after the fall—even pointing out that her feet had escaped injury. However, a source told Fox Sports that Van Dyke did check in with the infield care center afterwards and went to a local hospital Sunday night for evaluation.

Remember, folks: if you’re headed into a race track’s active work space, do mind the car paths.

As far as the tires that caused Busch’s original crash, Goodyear continues to blame excessive brake heat for melting the bead:


How many hot brakes and/or melted tire beads does NASCAR need to see before figuring out that something’s off here?

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