Kute Kupcake Kit Kars Konfuse Kalifornians

Everybody loves kit cars and cupcakes, right? Well, what about when the kit cars are actual cupcakes? BoingBoing TV took a look at a few "muffiners" (as they call themselves) in California (but why not "muffinEERS?) who make "artistic" cupcake cars for the "purpose" of... um, well, we're not exactly "sure." If you want to skip the artsy part of the video above, jump to 2:47 in the movie, which point the creator lifts the muffin top to expose the inner workings of these homemade vehicle-cum-cupcakes. The simplicity of the kits was a little surprising, as pastries modded for automotive use go.

Under the muffin top is a homemade system to propel the cupcakes around. It's an electric rig that uses a couple of big batteries and a very rudimentary drive and braking system. Who cares about how mean of a machine it is! You're driving a cupcake, for goodness sake! [BoingBoing]

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