Kustoms for Kids: The Roddler!

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Today's moms don't subscribe to the same, tired prestige products to which their moms did. They go for crossovers over minivans, Dexedrine over cocaine and custom made over off-the-rack. For their kids' strollers, a snooty Peg-Perego or McLaren simply will not do. For these moms, there's the Roddler. It combines traditional hot-rodding tropes like over-the-hub fenders and pearlescent paint with a monocoque chassis and up-class materials like ostritch, stingray, alligator and alcantara, which despite its latinate appearance, is not a member of the animal kingdom. Buyers can customize their Roddlers with pinstripes and AV gear like a DVD player and iPod dock. The Roddler starts at $2,500 [Kid Kustoms via Serious Wheels]


Press Release:

"THE RODDLER " tm (Patents pending)

Pinstripe Prep collaborates with Iacono designs to breathe new life into the juvenile product market. In dealing with product category as mundane as strollers, two creative minds are joining forces to create a completely customizable stroller Targeted to affluent and tasteful parental units, your kids will boast the coolest wheels on the boardwalk. Born and bred in California, each model based on "the Roddler" model platform and can either be ordered as stock, or with a short lead time is tailored to be as individual as the owner. See our host of lavish features, build one out and contact your local dealer today. Visit our website at www.kidkustoms.com

Pricing starts at $2500 and orders are already being fulfilled. Did we mention we are avid supporters of 1% for the Planet www.onepercentfortheplanet.org

Production Model Options

Aircraft-inspired, Lightweight monocoque chassis construction

Custom Pearl Paint Jobs with Pinstripes

Custom Seat and Tops (supple ostrich, stingray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra surfaces available in a host of colors and stitch combinations)

Retro Inspired Kustom Fenders w/Lights (50's Kustoms, Buicks, Cadi's, Merc's, Old's, Vicky's and more) Now you can have the vintage tins and fins for your tots)

DVD Screen, i-Pod Dock

Kustom Leaf spring design with Hot Rod Hairpins



I get what they were trying to do, but for Hot Rod designers they totaly missed the mark. Swoopy wheel covers do not equal Hot Rod.