Koreans Crash Beijing Show With Spirra S Sports Car

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One of the better looking sports cars at Beijing, and one of the few that will actually see production, is made by Oullim Motors of South Korea. Their Spirra S is a production-ready, mid-engined sports car based on the company's existing Spirra sports car platform. The looks borrow heavily from Lotus while the engine is a 2.7-liter supercharged V6 borrowed from Hyundai. The company plans to make 100 of these in hand-built cars in the first year, with production beginning next month, and 300 next year. Their presence in Beijing may be some hint that they don't just plan to sell them in the Korean domestic market. With a Hyundai mill you might thing the price would be on the lower-end for low volume supercars. You'd be wrong. The first cars should go for about $100,000 US.

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A $100k price tag does wonders on squelching my desire to try to sneak one of these past the DOT/EPA. I'm not sold on the tail treatment, but overall, the car looks pretty sharp. Not $100k sharp, but sharp. If Toyota built it (and brought it to the US) as a ($30k-ish) 4th gen MR2, I'd consider it.