Konigseder Dodge Caliber

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With Dodge's push to get Europeans interested in its chunky-monkey Caliber, we're sure the company's pleased tuning shops are getting in on Caliber-tweaking. The latest is from German mod house Konigseder, which gave the Caliber a one-two smack of aftermarket goods. The worked up this body kit, which emphasizes the Caliber's angularity, rather than infuse a slippery look into the slab wagon. It's all atop 22" chrome that wouldn't be out of place in a Kroger's parking lot. With Caliber sales ahead of expectations across the Atlantic, we'll bet this'll be happening pretty often from now on. [World Car Fans]

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"With Caliber sales ahead of expectations across the Atlantic..."

Really? Is the Caliber actually successful there, or were Chrysler's sales projections just stunningly low?

Also, although I'm not a fan of those 22's, it does look better without the standard Dodge crosshair grille.