Koenigsegg Agera: You Had Us At "1000 HP V8" And "Nanotubes"

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Koenigsegg has just revealed its new supercar, the Agera. It's a Challenge Stradale-style track version of the Swedish firm's 1000 HP hypercar.

Unveiled by the minions of company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, the Agera is an even more aggressive version of an already bollocks car. It sports aerodynamic "blades" in each corner; numerous wings, vents and Audi-style LED headlights; and aluminum buttons with embedded nanotubes that emit light when turned on. Let me repeat that: aluminum buttons with embedded nanotubes.

With any other car company, this would be a ridiculous gimmick, but Koenigsegg backs it up with a turbocharged V-8 that offers in excess of 1000 hp. A fun car—and if you’ll click through our gallery, you’ll see that it’s sort of a chore for its target group to get into. Slightly overweight rich white men in suits, we suggest you pare down your... wallets. Yes, wallets.


Or lose some weight. That would also make sense.

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I can't wait for you to tell us about the super exclusive new Vette. The Chevrolet Corvette Agave. "aluminum-look buttons with embedded asbestos that emit glow in the dark light when turned on. Let me repeat that: aluminum-look buttons with embedded asbestos."

Sigh. I love me some Vettes, but the interior is so disappointing.