This blade-toting Audi A5 driver gets to a whole new level of asshole when he slashes this trucker's tire, effectively disabling the rig in the middle of traffic. This is some of the most pathetic and childish behavior I've ever seen caught on a Russian dash cam... and that says a lot.

The look on the St. Petersburg trucker's face when he comes back to inspect the damage says exactly what I'd be thinking.

"Seriously dude?"

And good on him for declining to escalate the situation.

The dick in this Audi was inconvenienced for a few seconds; from the video it looks like he was hanging out squarely in the box truck's blind spot almost got merged into. So he went ahead and ruined that trucker's day not to mention make traffic a whole lot worse for everybody behind him.


Go directly to hell sir, and please get a ticket on the way. We're trying to have a society here, people!

Hat tip to cdoggyd!