Kleeman's Tuning of the Fisker Tramonto

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Henrik Fisker's choice of his Danish compatriots at Kleeman to provide the tuner powerplant for his $200,000 Tramonto roadster may have been driven by pride of country, but the outcome is the automotive equivalent of Scandinavian death metal. Fast, nasty, and somehow locked to the beat despite all the menace. The company took the donor Mercedes SL55 AMG's 493hp supercharged 5.5-liter V8 and tweaked out 610hp at 5800 rpm and 616 ft/lbs. of torque at a near-idle 2000 rpm. The result, along with Fisker's total body makeover, is a supercar worthy of Danish egomaniacs and satanists alike. Mwahahah.

Kleeman starts by slotting in a redesigned pulley wheel and replacing the stock cams with Kleemann Super Sport joints, then its band of genius elves reprogram the ECU to within an inch of its life. A proprietary limited-slip differential along with stainless-steel headers and a performance exhaust system complete the package, which gives the Fisker Tramonto an electronically limited top speed of 202mph, and zero to 60 times of under four seconds. Performance at such speeds is enhanced by Kleemann's Electronic Body Lowering module (EBL) is fitted to the car that enhances the Merce's stock ABC suspension, reducing ride height and lowering the center of gravity.

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