The bizarre saga of Robert Montgomery, Tesla, and Wisconsin's own King of the Lemon laws, Vince Megna, has reached a conclusion, with the automaker handing over $126,836 and Megna putting out another batshit insane video that compares Elon Musk to the Wu Tang Clan.

The six-figure payoff included the cost of the car and Montgomery's legal fees, which totaled $18,500 for Megna's efforts and elite video production skills.

The lawsuit, which was filed back in April, claimed that Montgomery's car suffered from a laundry list of maladies, ranging from paint defects to power train issues.

When we talked with Tesla after the suit was filed, we were told there was more to the story, and they delivered, detailing a series strange occurrences that implied that Montgomery's Model S was tampered with.


That didn't stop Megna, and the case was officially dismissed in federal court on June 26th with Tesla paying off Montgomery.

Megna being Megna, he couldn't leave it at that, and put out this victory-lap-slash-unhinged-feces-throwing video to celebrate. Best to just watch it yourself.