King of the Ghetto: GTA San Andreas Fanfilm

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Overeducated white dudes attempting to roll gangsta always bring to mind the implicit indictment of such behavior in Mike Judge's brilliant Office Space, but this vid's pretty funny anyway. Culled from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas clips, King of the Ghetto reminds us a bit of the days in suburbia when young boys would do things like hooking up a Colecovision to a VCR in order to critique their baseball performance. Still, lots of stuff blows up and there are a few choice lines, so it's worth checking out. Oh and by the way, while in San Francisco, we saw a grab 'n' go frankfurter stand called "What's Up, Dog?" Apparently, our mileage must be varying considerably. [Thanks to Mojito for the tip.] [Update: They changed the links. Find the new one here.]

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