Kimi Raikkonen Is The Least Helpful Driving Instructor Ever

We love Kimi Raikkonen. He's short and direct. So what happens when he tries to teach someone how to drive fast on ice? Hilarity, that's what.

Natalie Pinkham, an F1 pit reporter for Sky in England, was recently with Raikkonen on an ice track in Russia where she was supposed to get some driving instruction from Kimi.

Instead of instruction, she got "dowhatyouwant" and "Idon'tcare." There is also audible laughter from the Kimster, which might be the first time that's ever happened.


It seems like this is just a preview and there is a full video to come. Can't wait.

(Hat Tip to Eric!)

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I get the feeling that Kimi doesn't know what to tell her because he doesn't think about what he does. He just gets in a car, turns his brain off, and goes. That, and he obviously has a complete lack of fucks to give.

Kimi is without fuck.