Killjoy Tattles On Drive-Through Bikini Coffee Shop Customers

A Washington man doesn't like coffee shops with scantily clad baristas, so he's staking the establishments out and then encouraging boycotts of businesses if one of their employees patronizes while driving a company car. Grade A, 100%, jerk.

The shops in question are in Snohomish County, Washington, just on the north side of Seattle, and serve coffee while providing eye-candy with bikini-wearing lady baristas. The stalker concerned citizen doesn't like this, thinks its crude and disgusting and offensive and probably hates puppies and the American flag too. Accordingly, he's set about surveilling these establishments, which have been spreading due to popularity and competition, and reporting on his cute little website any instances of a company owned vehicle pulling up for a fresh cup of joe, then he advocating a wholesale boycott of those companies. We're pretty certain the term "asshat" isn't derogatory enough. [KOMONews]


Photo credit Nykola

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