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Killer Bee MGB Wipes Out, Gets Rolled Into Ball Of British Leyland Scrap

Illustration for article titled Killer Bee MGB Wipes Out, Gets Rolled Into Ball Of British Leyland Scrap

Yes, one of our favorite Index Of Effluency contenders went into the dirt and flipped over yesterday afternoon. That's the bad news. The good news is that the driver of the Killer Bee MGB wasn't hurt.


Well, he wasn't hurt in the wreck, that is; his teammates (including 5-time DOTS honoree WhatWouldJesseDo) might end up inflicting some bodily harm due to unhappiness over the self-inflicted PIT Maneuver that takes place in the video below. Here you will see the view from the Team Stimulus Package Honda Civic as the incident unfolds.


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I watched it over and over. The Honda driver should really have seen the Bee drifting right as he gained on it in my opinion. It started before he ever pulled up to the Bee's rear 1/4. A slight lift of the throttle to yield to the car in front, and this never would have happened. Chances are the Bee driver didn't see him, but it's not like they were side-by-side, the Honda barely reached the rear 1/4 as the Bee was obviously coming over. In my last 4 LeMons races, I've had this same situation occur over and over, and I managed to avoid this outcome by lifting. Yeah, you're racing, you don't wanna lift, but if it's that or contact, the smart move in this series is lifting.