Kill Your Afternoon With This Video Tour Of The BMW Museum

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Don't pretend you're actually working. It's Monday. Heck, depending on where you are, there's a good chance you blew off work to hunker down for the Blizzardpocalypse. Why not take a break and watch a video tour of the entire BMW Museum in Munich instead?

I've never been to the BMW Museum, but it's definitely on my bucket list. Within its modern architecture walls lie just about every Bimmer car and bike ever made, along with tons of engines, concepts and prototypes. It seems like a lovely place to spend a day.


As an added bonus here's a tour of the museum's Mini section, which considering its location must piss off at least a few British people. Anyway, there's a ton of stuff in there too; keep an eye out for a cameo by the failed Mini Spiritual Concept, as well as the Mini ACV30 Concept that ultimately won out over it.

Beats working, right?

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I hated that museum.

I've been a car guy since I was born, a natural hoon, RWD enthusiast, three-time BMW owner, hell I even have the Ronin BMW chase scenes on my playlist so I can listen to them while I drive my E34.

When I went to Europe for the first time at age 24 or so with my brother, one of our first stops was the BMW Museum. It was the most boring place we went to on the whole trip. It was very, very sterile. Almost no information. Just random cars sitting around. And you couldn't get anywhere near them.

Maybe they've spiced it up a bit in the last dozen years or so, but holy crap, it was terrible. It was like a library, just with random cars and bikes sitting around, and not even the good ones.

I really hope they've spiced it up. I really wanted to like that museum and I hated it. They took the soul I've been preaching about to convert other people to these cars and sucked it out of the room. It was like a car museum for someone who prefers modern art, if that art was 30 feet away behind a velvet rope.

Incidentally The Art of the Motorcycle is a frickin' awesome exhibit. I hope that gets brought back.