Photo: Mint 400

The Mint 400, a big ol’ bash around the desert near Las Vegas, is probably one of the better-known off-road races in America. It’s also pretty rocky, bumpy and challenging, for experienced adult racers, so it’ll be interesting to see how the 5-to-16-year-olds fare!

Race organizers announced this week that multiple classes of youth racing will be part of the 2020 youth race that goes off March 6 of next year. Kids from 5 to 16 will be able to compete against the desert and each other in UTVs Polaris RZR 170, 250cc (RZR 170) and 570 classes.


The full 2020 Mint 400 schedule isn’t up yet, but it seems like the main event with motorcycles and Trophy Trucks and all will happen on March 7 (Saturday) as it has in the past.

As Mint 400 CEO Matt Martelli stated in a press release:

“We launched UTV youth racing five years ago at the 2015 UTV World Championship and it was a huge success. Today, the field has grown to over one hundred youth racers. Off-road racing is about family and youth racing brings everyone together to support and help kids build their character through the challenge of off-roading.”

“These kids are our future and we feel it’s important to have them involved at the highest level of competition to continue to grow a healthy off-road culture.”

I’m into it. Why not. Let the rascals race. Speaking of Rascals, remember the soapbox derby from that movie? Man, I was so jealous of those kids. I’m also pretty jealous of any kid who gets to start desert racing at age 5. Imagine how talented they’ll be by the time they get their driver’s licenses!

Look at this adorable pint-sized UTVs:


Have fun, kiddos. And stay safe. Those little cars like to crash.